Where can I find Knightfox mobile Application ?

You can download Knightfox Beta from GooglePlay. Search Knightfox Beta or Copperseeds Technologies. You can easily find by these Keywords or use this link to download.

Will Knightfox protect my privacy?

Each Account is protected by individual username and password, so your data will be always safe in our data center. Please check our privacy policy from the website or Please go through this link to view our privacy policy

How Can I Manage Application from website?


Will Knightfox erase my data?

Installing Knightfox won't cause any loss to your data. The request you get during instillation is for a privilege for remote data wipe feature .

Are my personal photos safe?

Yes, your personal Images are stored in Cloud Storage – Dropbox. So your personal photos will be safe in Dropbox with your personal cloud storage..

Can I remove notification icon from the screen?

a)YES!You can remove notification icon through few simple steps..

Will Knightfox work without Internet?

Yes, Knightfox protect you without internet. For registration process and the data Synchronization with web server need the help of Internet. Offline you can manage these features with SMS.

What will happens if I don't have a front camera?

If you don't have front camera, Knightfox will automatically switch to back Camera. Knightfox providing MugShot feature will be done through Back Camera.

Why I have a long registration process?

For recovery purpose and your data security This registration process is a must. It will help you to easily recover your account when you forgot your password. These data's are needed for Insurance claim settlement.

How to uninstall KnightFox App

You can uninstall Knightfox by following procedures: Settings->Security->Device Administrators->Uncheck knightfox - If registered then your device will ask for password Now You can uninstall from Application Manager.(Settings->Application Manager->Knightfox->Uninstall)

This video will discuss about the Registration Process of KnightFox.KnightFox requires a mandatory registration for security purpouse and Claim.
The video describes how to configure KnightFox Application in your Mobile.
This video will give you an idea about the utility features including auto answering to calls,activating speaker phone, generate calling and application locking facility.
This video will help you to know about the stealth mode and rescue mode features and let you know about the antivirus protection feature.
Features including location tracking and backup features are describing in this video.

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